Can I help with the project?

Although I deeply appreciate everyone who offers to help, I don't feel like I am in a position to recruit people at this moment, because the project is still very early in development and I still need a better picture of the technical features needed, to avoid wasting anybody's time redoing things to fit technical changes, which are happening quite frequently at this moment. But if you would like to send me some of your works, feel free to do so and I'll take a look at it whenever I get the time! (Could take some time though, sorry about that...)

Also, help spreading the word around is always appreciated!

What engine are you using?

The project is made using Godot Engine 3.3, while I wait patiently for Godot 4... Not out today, but surely tomorrow. Other tools I've been using are Blender for pretty much everything 3D, ArmorPaint for material painting, Krita and GIMP for image editing. Every software on the visual end is free and open source. The DAW I use for creating and recording music is Cakewalk (It's free, though I use a handful of paid plugins.)

How big is your team?

It's pretty much just me, antourenein, doing all the work right now, though I've had some technical help from a few close friends, who are nothing short of wizards.

Does the project have a discord server?

Not for now, but I'm looking into it to see if it's worth creating one. It may take some time though.

When is it going to be released?

That's a really tough question to answer at this moment... All I can say is that I've been working on it as much as possible.

Aren't you afraid of legal action? Why are you showing this around? Delete it now!

This is the elephant in the room, huh... Well, this is a project I've been working and experimenting on for quite a few months now, just for fun and love for the original game, plus it's all non-profit. Basically it's just like any other Mother fan project out there, such as Mother Encore or Mother² (check them out!), which don't seem to be having any problems related to this matter. Bottom line is, I'm not really seeing a compelling reason to just keep it to myself for now. Where's the fun in that, anyway?