Earthbound Dimensions is a fanmade unofficial playable reimagination of EarthBound/MOTHER 2, but translated and adapted to modern 3D systems.


The project started out in June 2020 as a simple experiment to try out Godot Engine 3D features and to better understand modeling and game assets workflow in Blender. I started implementing a few of the basic mechanics like third person movement, terrain identifiers to modify terrain particles and sound, some enemy pathfinding and world obstacles, at which point I started posting some videos on Twitter, where most of the progress is documented. The project did not have a name at the time.

Simple terrain test (July 2020)

Early Onett level proportion test (August 2020)


The goal up to now has been finding ways to best adapt the source game we all know and love to the third dimension, and, as a direct translation is pretty much impossible, there will be a few new mechanics to help everything feel right at home as a modern 3D game. I also intend to include some modernized text/scenes, completely rearranged soundtrack and maybe even a few new secrets, as there are a lot of new places to hide things in three dimensions!

You may have guessed that this cannot exactly be called a "3D remake" with all the artistic freedom that is going into it, so I figured I should call it a "reimagination".

Who is behind this?

As of now, this is but a one man project created by yours truly, antourenein, for fun and for the love of this game that shaped who I am today. I commonly work as a composer and music producer, but, with the technical guidance and help from a few close friends who work in the game industry, I've been having lot of fun experimenting with every other area related to this project, from programming, to 3D modeling, to animation, to motion design. I've been doing it all and it has been a blast up to now!

Please note: linked above is my personal Twitter, though I don't tweet much, and most of it is in Japanese. I do tweet occasional Godot experiments though.

Early Onett level sculpting (December 2020)

Special thanks

Paola Hausz

Godot Engine





All friends who have been helping and encouraging me and my learning efforts